How It Works

Moving into My Self Storage is simple. We believe in easy and hassle-free storage solutions and getting your items to could not be more straightforward.

To rent a storage unit from My Self Storage, all you need is:

1. Identification & Address – We need two forms of identifications such as driving licence and a passport. For proof of address we accept a utility bill, bank statement, and other official documents. (We may also request a forwarding address or other contact details).

2. Security Deposit – We require a refundable security deposit (which is equivalent to 4 weeks hire) and the first 4 weeks hire in advance. Our security deposit will be returned to you once you decide to leave My Self Storage.

3. Insurance – If you have arranged your own cover then we will need a copy of your insurance policy. We also provide insurance cover. To avail of this we require the value of the belongings you would like to store. See our insurance guide here.

4. A Padlock – All units must be kept locked. You can either bring one from home or select one from our range of padlocks on site.

5. Payment Method – We offer flexible payment options – direct debit, credit/debit card, online payment. There is no rolling contract and are free to cancel your storage with us whenever you like (one week notice required).

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Moving into My Self Storage

Some of our customers opt to hire a removal company to help move their items into storage. This is entirely a personal preference and it can be just as easy to move things yourself Using a removal company will save you time and hassle but they can be expensive. If using professional movers, we recommend you use a reputable removal company that is fully insured.

Whether you are using a removal company to help transport your goods or are doing it yourself - it is always best to have a plan. Our team of experts have put together some helpful tips and advice to make moving day go as smoothly as possible.

  • With My Self Storage, you can reserve your unit free of charge for up to 2 weeks and up to a month with a security deposit. This will ensure you get the size and space that you need.
  • Completing all the paperwork in advance eases your move with us and saves time on the day.
  • If you are having building work done and you’re not sure when it will be completed no problem, we need just one week notice to cancel your storage. It is best to give yourself a few extra weeks before and after the date to move everything into and back out of storage and plan for those inevitable delays.
  • If you are moving, begin boxing things up weeks before your move day to speed things up on the big day. You can also use storage as an opportunity to show your house off to its full potential.
  • Book your removers well in advance. They are busy people and having it all arranged will ensure you don’t end up doing it yourself.
  • If you are moving house don’t forget to inform your gas, electric, TV, telephone, and water suppliers of your moving date. If needed, the Post Office has a forwarding service.
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Storage Advice

  • Use quality boxes – Supermarket boxes may seem like a saving, but they don’t stack well and often collapse.
  • Label everything! – When you’ve filled a box, write a label (or write directly on the box) what’s inside and in as much detail as you can. Make sure you write labels for all sides of the box, that way it doesn’t matter which way it goes in. Use our labelling, tape, marker and inventory listing system.
  • Be careful when filling boxes – Never overfill, as they bulge and will be difficult to stack. Under filled boxes can collapse when stacked so try to fill or at least support each box from the inside. Don’t let the box get too heavy and make sure to spread the load among a number of boxes. Save your back and always use good lifting technique.
  • Use the right size box for the job – Remember books and clothing are heavy, don’t use the biggest box or pack it so full that it can’t be moved.
  • Store books flat to protect the spines and alternate the spine position to keep the stack level. Small precious objects should be carefully wrapped with bubble wrap or newspaper and boxed.
  • Fragile items should be protected – Use bubble wrap or paper to stop them rattling around in transit.
  • Lamp shades should be stored separately and covered or boxed, don’t use newspaper for this though, as the ink may stain the shade!
  • Clothing and linen should be clean, dry and folded. Store either in boxes, drawers, or suitcases. Some special items, such as quality curtains and posh frocks are better hung (we have special wardrobe boxes with hanging rails for this purpose). A mattress should be covered with either dust sheets or mattress protectors.
  • Fridges and freezers should be cleaned and fully defrosted and stored with the doors slightly open.
  • Washing machines should be cleaned and fully drained, use the travel bolts if you still have them.
  • Keep a list of everything you have put in storage in a safe and easy to remember location – a notebook, or a note on your hone for instance. You should also have a list things you cannot store but will need (food, inflammables, etc.)

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