Size Estimator

It is always difficult to decide how much storage space you need, especially when you can’t visualise how all your items will fit into different boxes. When trying to decide on a unit size, we have found a practical way to make an estimate of the space that will be needed.

The first thing to do is write down a list of everything you are storing. This well help you estimate how many boxes you will need. When doing this, it is a good idea to have some boxes on hand. If you don’t have any boxes, we recommend cutting a square piece of paper to represent a box and that can help you visualise the space. For this illustration, you can use a medium box of 18” x 18” x 18”.

The second step is to use a room in your house for visualisation. Once you have a rough idea of how many boxes you need using our visualisation method will help you determine the unit size you need to fit the number of boxes required. Each storage room at My Self Storage has 4 corners. If you can find a clear corner in your house and you have a measuring tape we can look at different size units. In this below example, you can visualise how many boxes will fit in a 50sq ft. unit. You can use the same method to visualise other sizes.

1. From corner starting point measure 5ft from A to B
2. From B measure 10ft to C
3. From C measure 5ft to D
4. Join D to A (starting point)

Know you know the number of boxes and the unit size required you can get a free quote for your rental time. Once you’re happy with the price you can reserve or buy your storage at My Self Storage.

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Make the Most of Your Storage

You want to make the most of your storage space. In order to do this you need to be clever with how you put you boxes and items in the unit. These tips should also be followed when visualising and estimating your space.


Make sure you have enough floor space to store all the boxes you have. Boxes can be stacked on top of one another However, do not stack these too high as they may be heavier than expected and can be difficult to access when you want to get to your belongings.

Wherever possible, furniture should be stood upright, using the full height off the storage unit all while taking up the leas tamount of floor space possible.

Small and light items can be kept in bags. These bags can then be stored on top of boxes as they will be easy to move when needed and free up floor space for more boxes and larger items.

More and more people are using self storage facilities in Ireland. Most people use storage facilities only a few times in their life, whether moving home or planning extra space. Therefore, it can be difficult to estimate how much space you need, especially if it’s your first time making an estimate. Our customers have found our visual space estimator very useful and practical. Whether you have experience with self storage or this is your first time, it’s a good place to start to figure out how much space you need.

Home Storage Unit Comparison

10 Sq. Foot

Approx Size comparison: Car boot x 2
Measurements: 2ftW x 5ftL x 8ftH
Volume: 80 cu feet
Med Size Box Estimate: 12 Boxes
Suitable for: 12 Boxes, 3 Suitcases

16 Sq. Foot

Approx Size comparison: Transit van Load
Measurements: 4ftW x 4ftl x 8ftH
Volume: 120 cu feet
Med Size Box Estimate:  20 Boxes, 4 Suitcases
Suitable for:  Boxes, files, clothes, suitcases

25 Sq. Foot

Approx Size Comparison: Transit van load x 2
Measurement:  4ftW x 7ftl x 8ftH
Volume: 200 cu feet
Med Size Box Estimate: 40 Boxes
Suitable for: Boxes, single mattress, dresser

30 Sq. Foot

Approx Size Comparison: Transit van load x 2
Measurements:  5ftW x 6ftW x 8ftH
Volume:  240 cu feet
Med Size Box Estimate:  72 Boxes
Suitable for: Boxes, single mattress, household furniture

50 Sq. Foot

Approx Size comparison: Contents of 1 bedroom apartment
Measurements: 5ftW x 10ftl x 8ftH
Volume: 400 cu feet
Med Size Box Estimate: 90 Boxes
Suitable for:  Boxes, Double bed, chest of drawers.

75 Sq. Foot

Approx Size Comparison: Contents of 2 bedroom apartment
Measurement:  6.2ftw x 12ftl x 8ftH
Volume: 600 cu feet
Med Size Box Estimate: 105 Boxes
Suitable for: boxes, 2 x double beds, Wardrobes, lockers x 2, TV, Kitchen white goods

80 Sq. Foot

Approx Size Comparison: Contents of 2 bedroom apartment
Measurements:  10ftL X 8ftW X 8ftH
Volume:  750 cu feet
Med Size Box Estimate:  125 Boxes
Suitable for: 2 Double beds, 1 Single, 2 x wardrobes, 3 lockers, a suite of furniture, TV, kitchen, white goods, boxes x 10

100 Sq. Foot

Approx Size comparison: Contents of 3 bedroom apartment
Measurements: 10ftL X 10ftW X 8ftH
Volume: 800 cu feet
Med Size Box Estimate: 150 Boxes
Suitable for: 2 Double beds, 1 Single, 3 x wardrobes, 6 lockers, a suite of furniture, TV, kitchen, white goods, boxes x 20

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